520 Seip Avenue Nazareth 6/15/2024
By Chief Jerry Johnson
June 15, 2024

On June 15, 2024 at 0458 hours, Nazareth station 50 along with Upper Nazareth station 54 were dispatched for a dwelling fire. 5068 (foreman Hyman) arrived on scene at 0503 and assumed temporary command. 5068 advised dispatch that this was a working fire in a detached garage/woodworking shop and requested that the second alarm be dispatched. Second alarm dispatch consists of following, station 14, station 27 for RIT, station 53.
5053 (Assistant Chief Betz III) arrived on scene at @ 0507 hours and assumed command for the duration of the incident.
Tower 5021 arrived on scene at 0508 hours and the crews established water supply and began fire suppression. 5413 arrived at 0513 and assisted 5021 crew with suppression. Second alarm companies arrived and assisted with extinguishment of the fire and with overhaul of the structure. There were no injuries reported during this incident.

Mutual Aid: 5413,5412,2712, 2722,1421,1444, 5311