New station floor is complete!
By Chief Jerry Johnson
March 17, 2024

For those who don't know, In December, our fire department and Nazareth Borough began the process of replacing our engine bay floors. The floor was the original floor that was poured in 1978/1979 when the building was built, it was in rough shape with some major cracks and some heaving/displacement. After many meetings and discussions, a plan was formulated to replace the entire floor. Funding was secured thanks to Nazareth borough. Our members began the process of removing EVERYTHING from our station, including our apparatus. Once empty, the entire concrete floor was removed. There were a few "hiccups" during the process, but the outcome is fantastic. Our department would like to thank Nazareth Borough Council, the Borough Council fire committee chairperson Laureen Pellegrino, and fire committee members Kayla Green and Jeffrey Corpora, the Nazareth Borough public property committee and chairperson Carl Strye Jr. A special thank you to Lower Nazareth Fire Department and their members for storing Engine 5011 for us during the renovations. Thank you to Nazareth Regional Ambulance for allowing us to stage our ladder tower 5021 in their station during this renovation. And a HUGE thank you to Public works Director Keith Knecht and his fantastic crew for all of the tasks that they handled to make this improvement project work, (they handled too many to list!). Now we begin the process of moving all our equipment and apparatus back into the building. Soon,....... all of us at station 50 hope to have our station back to "normal".

Mutual Aid: Station 53, EMS station 50, Nazareth Borough Public Works.