Station 50 assists Bushkill Township Station 52 with shed / house fire.
April 15, 2023

On Saturday April 15 at 1:42pm, station 50 was dispatched to assist Bushkill Township fire department with a shed fire that extended to the nearby home. Upon arrival , crews set up ladder tower 5021 and checked for extension of fire in the roof and eaves of the home and assisted station 52's crew with checking for extension to the interior of the home. Crews found that the fire was kept from affecting the inside of the home. The shed was a total loss and the home suffered damaged vinyl siding caused by the radiant heat from the shed fire. It appeared that the fire was caused by a lightning strike of a near by tree. The tree had significant damage. Bushkill Township Fire department assisted the home owner with contacting a tree service to remove the damager tree.

Units: 5021,5042 5211,5231, EMS 5282, Police 5214 and 5218