By Vigilance Hose Company
April 4, 2023

At approximately 06:00 hours on April 4, 2023 Vigilance Hose Company No. 1 was dispatched for a move up assignment with our Engine (5012) to Palmer Station 1 while they operated at a commercial structure fire in West Easton. Shorty after the move up assignment Vigilance Hose was also dispatched to the commercial fire for our ladder truck (5021). Crews operated nearly all day between the two assignments at one point even switching roles and the tower staged at Palmer station 1 while engine 5012 reported to the fire ground to help with fire suppression.

Approximately ten firefighters from Vigilance Hose were involved with todays calls by assisting with covering Palmer Township and operating at the commercial fire in West Easton, all while a few members remained back in the borough to cover any additional calls that may have came in while other units were tied up.

Units: 5012, 5021, 5043