Knox Boxes Now Available For Residential Use In Nazareth Borough
By Chief Jerry Johnson
January 16, 2023

Knox Residential Boxes are high security key safes that are trusted and supported by your local fire department. They provide first responders access to your home in emergencies when people inside are unable to open the door or are not in the house.
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Knox Boxes® are small metal boxes that are specially designed to secure keys to buildings where emergency entry may be required when no one is present to open a door (i.e. after business hours during evenings and weekends or in cases where residents may be incapacitated and unable to open the door).

Knox Boxes® are mounted outdoors in proximity to an entrance or on entry way door in private residences, where first responders can access it. The keys to the Knox Boxes® are in PIN activated locked boxes in each of the Vigilance Hose Co. #1 emergency vehicles. When needed, a Vigilance Hose Co. fire officer can input their PIN and release our master key for use in the Knox Box® that you have purchased for your home or business.

Having a Knox Box® has many advantages. With rapid key access, entry to the building is faster than forced entry. It is also safer for the first responder and doesn’t cause property damage like forced entry can.

While Knox Boxes® may be more common in commercial applications, they ARE very useful in residential settings. For example, if a resident lives alone, and there is an emergency, a Knox Box® would allow rapid entry without the resident’s assistance. If a resident is away from their home for an extended period, a Knox Box® could be useful if the Fire Department was called on a fire alarm, gas leak, smoke, a lightning strike, or other emergency that required the house to be checked.

If you think a Knox Box® would be of value to you, visit

Once you have the box, contact the Fire Vigilance Hose Co at or by calling 610-759-2542 and leave a message to contact you. After we place a house key that you provide, a record of its location will be added to the database that only fire department members have access to, that fire fighters can access if we ever need to enter your home when you are not available.

Only fire officers that passed necessary background checks have access to the master key.
Anytime the Knox key is used to enter, a police officer will be present if available.

Thank you,
Chief Jerry Johnson

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